Satisfactory Academic Progress

Qualitative Standard

American Winds Aviation's academic courses and flight training are based on satisfactory (S) and unsatisfactory (U) grading system and a grading scale from 0 to 100%

American Winds flight training grading system is based upon a satisfactory completion (S) or unsatisfactory performance (U). Flight training performance records will indicate (S) for satisfactory completion or (U) for unsatisfactory performance. Academic classes will be graded on a numerical scale of 0-100. The American Winds standard satisfactory pass is 80% or higher. For a performance level of less than 80%, the student will be instructed on problems areas and retested to a satisfactory passing performance of 80% or higher.

The FAA written knowledge test is graded on a numerical scale of 0-100. The FAA standard satisfactory pass is 70% or higher.

Academic Grading Scale

(A) 93-100, (A-) 90 - 92, (B+) 87 - 89, (B) 84 - 86, (B-) 80 - 83, (C+) 77– 79, (C ) 73 - 76, (C-) 70 - 72, (D+) 67 - 69, (D) 63 – 66, (D-) 60 – 62, (F) 0 – 59.

According to the FAA regulations for Part 141, the minimum hours of flight training and academic courses must be met. The FAA makes no exceptions for not meeting those set standards.

Increments for Evaluation

Evaluations will be done on stage checks for all courses in accordance with the FAA Part 141 approved syllabi. Unsatisfactory evaluations will not allow a student to move on to the next stage. For additional information please refer to the course syllabi.

Maximum Time Frame

Students are strongly advised that their performance, dedication and study habits
directly control their ability to meet the time frame for completion of any Academic Program. Maximum time frame to complete any of AWA academic program is outlined in the Academic Catalog.

Weather may potentially cause some delay and should be taken into consideration.

Consequences of Failure to Meet Standards

Consequences - Failure to meet the academic standards for each lesson, stage check or FAA exam will result in retraining of academic deficiencies. When standards are sufficiently met, the student may move on to the next lesson, stage or complete the FAA exam.

Satisfactory Academic Performance:
For academic courses - a maximum of two reattempts will be allowed on any exam, quiz or test, and the student will be awarded an average score of the completed exams. After failing any of the examinations mentioned above for a third time or achieving a final course grade of below 80% a student will not be given credit for the course. If after two times of reattempting the course the student does not achieve a passing grade then the student will be referred to the DAA and a determination made as to whether the student should be retained or terminated.

For flight training courses – There is strict guidance contained within FAA regulations for
determining satisfactory vs. unsatisfactory performance on checking events, along with retraining requirements after unsatisfactory performance. Our institutions policy for satisfactory progress is as follows: After two consecutive unsatisfactory checking events the student may be assigned to a different instructor. If future unsatisfactory performance occurs on the checking event the
student will be referred to the Chief/Assistant Chief Flight Instructor to make a determination as to whether additional training will produce satisfactory results, accomplish training as necessary, and/or terminate the student for unsatisfactory performance.

Probation - American Winds Aviation does not have a probation policy at this time.

Appeals - Appeals for any academic unsatisfactory performance must be submitted in writing to the President within 24 hours of being issued. The President will review the appeal and contact the student with his/her decision within 48 hours upon receipt of the complaint, unless a person cannot be contacted for consultation.

Reinstatement - Reinstatement of a student will be addressed on an individual basis by the Chief Flight Instructor, Director of Academic Affairs and/or the President.

Course Repetitions

Receiving a "U" in a coursework assignment or lesson will result in a retake of appropriate material until an "S" can be achieved.

Course Withdrawal

FAA Part 141 approved syllabi state that each lesson must be completed, in its entirety, with a satisfactory passing grade. Any course work not completed must be made up in order to complete a course. Partial completion will result in an unsatisfactory.

Consecutive Absences

Five consecutive, unexplained/unexcused absences will result in withdrawal from the course, with the exception of ground school. Due to FAA regulations, student must complete all required course requirements; failure to complete requirements means student will have to repeat coursework. There are no exceptions to this policy.