Leave of Absence Policy

Temporary leaves of absence up to 180 days (6 months) in one calendar year or one-half the published program length, whichever is longer, may be granted for medical, family, or military obligation reasons. A written, signed request from the student must be presented to AWA in advance of the leave beginning date stating the reason for the request and the approximate date of return to his/her course of study, unless conditions prevent him/her from doing so in advance.

Multiple leaves of absence may be granted for cause provided that the total days of leave do not exceed the above stated limit. Students requesting leaves of absence will be counseled as to the procedures and implications for returning to his/her course of study.

No additional charges will be assessed to the student as a result of the leave of absence request.

The AWA President, Chief Flight Instructor, or Director of Academic Affairs will officially approve or deny each request in writing. A copy of the action will be given to the student, and a copy will be included in the student's official file. If the President or Director of Academic Affairs approves the LOA, they will inform the Chief Flight Instructor.