Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, sets forth requirements designed to protect the privacy of student educational records. The law governs access to these records maintained by educational institutions and the release of information from those records. All records concerning a student are confidential. Records that can be found on the American Winds server and/or QuickBooks are password protected and all programs are firewalled. American Winds Aviation's policies regarding student records are in accordance with FERPA policies.

Distribution of Student Records

  • Copies of the official and unofficial academic records may not be released to any person or organization outside of American Winds Aviation except upon written request of the student. AWA reserves the right to charge $1.00 per copy
  • Original academic and financial student records are retained at American Winds Aviation for a period of three years and then discarded. The transcripts are kept on the American Winds server for ten (10) years.

Students, regardless of age, must sign a consent form to have their academic records sent to another institution or to allow parental viewing